Helping legal services providers to make the right strategic judgment calls


We are gaining a national reputation as ‘the law firm for law firms’ as we assist them in grappling with strategic judgment calls to protect work sources, maintain profitability and position themselves to take advantage of the emerging market opportunities.

We mainly advise solicitors (law firms) and barristers (chambers) but we are increasingly advising others (such as insurance brokers, financial advisers, costs consultants and accountants) who are involved or planning to get involved in the delivery of legal services.

We do not compete with most other legal services providers and so offer an extra layer of security in relation to commercially sensitive information and we are also able to provide solicitor-client confidentiality and, where appropriate, legal privilege.

Our legal support to the sector includes:

  • Business strategy and management issues
  • New start-ups and closures
  • Legal services and claims management regulatory advice
  • Mergers, acquisitions, disposals and restructures
  • Outsourcing arrangements
  • Complaints handling and Legal Ombudsman issues
  • Entity structures including companies, LLPs, partnerships and Alternative Business Structures (ABSs)
  • Contractual arrangements with work introducers
  • Raising finance
  • Third party litigation funding arrangements
  • Professional indemnity insurance coverage advice
  • ATE and other insurance arrangements including insurance captives (both firm and client risks)
  • Separate business interests
  • Data protection